Context Search: How to Find Notes

Discovering your notes is now easier with our new search feature! 

There is a search tool on the right side of the toolbar. 

Input the item's name, and the results will display with contextual information, including the entire note path — notebook > section group > section — after the page title.

For enhanced convenience, all identified items on the page are highlighted. Navigate effortlessly using ⬆️ and ⬇️ keys or a simple click on the desired fragment.

Moreover, you can collapse all matches that are returned from other pages by clicking the arrow to the left of the page icon.

Useful shortcut to quickly jump to the search window: ⌘ + F

Besides, if you're searching for something you worked on lately, take a look at the list of Recent Pages in the upper-left corner of the Outline window.

To be able to search through password protected sections as well, you need to unlock them first.

Enjoy seamless exploration of your notes with Outline! 🔍 📝

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