Notebook Management: Sections

Add Section

To add a new section, click + in the upper-right corner of Outline window or right-click on the name of a notebook and choose New Section.

Other Actions with Sections

To set a new name, change the section's color, export the whole section or delete it, go to its context menu by right-clicking on the section name and choose the corresponding option. 

You can also double-click on a section tab to insert a new name 🎯

Change Section Order

You can drag & drop a section to a proper position either within tabs above the page or in the Navigation Tree.

Another option is to choose Cut from the section's context menu, right-click the section that should precede yours, and click Paste. 

Tip 👍

You can use shortcuts to switch between sections. Hit ⌘ + ALT + LEFT ARROW to open previous section, or ⌘ + ALT + RIGHT ARROW to open next section in notebook.

Set Password

You can set a password for any section of your notebooks in its context menu. After setting, you can always remove or change it.

Remember your password because there is no chance to open a password protected section in case you forget it. It is impossible to restore a forgotten password.

Advanced Protection

You can set up time interval to automatically lock sections:

  1. To get a section locked right after you left it, put a check mark next to Lock Password Protected Section when Leaving it.

  1. If you often switch between several protected sections while working and don't want to enter passwords each time, Outline offers you to set an interval after which a section will get locked when left. Please put a check mark next to the second option in the pop-over and choose between 1 and 30 mins.

When you switch to another section or notebook, your password protected section will be locked after 10 minutes automatically.

Touch ID 

Switch on Unlock Sections Using Touch ID if you prefer to protect them by using your fingerprint.

Tip 👍

You can quickly lock all password protected sections at once using the keyboard shortcut ⌘ + OPTION + L

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