Notebook Management: Create, Open, and Customize Your Notebooks

Create New Notebook

To create a new notebook, click + in the Navigation tree on the left. Choose Create New Notebook and enter its title in the popped-up window. Then click on the folder icon to choose location to save it and make your first note.

Open Notebook

You can open notebooks that were previously created in Outline or in OneNote. To do that, click + in the Navigation tree and select the location where your notebook is stored.

Another way to open your notes is to locate it in Finder and drag it to the navigation panel in Outline. 

Change Cover

Customize your notebook by choosing a cover which suits a topic, your thoughts or mood best. Right-click on the notebook name, choose Properties and set a proper color. Don't forget to click Save!

Change Order

To change the order of your notebooks in the Navigation Tree you can move them up or down through their context menu.

Rename Notebook

To change the notebook name, you need to rename a local folder where its files are stored. Please keep in mind that once you renamed a notebook, it has to be re-opened from the storage to get in sync again.

Delete Notebook

If you want to delete a notebook from the Navigation tree, right-click on its name and choose Close. The notebook will disappear from the app, but stay undamaged in a folder where you have stored it. To fully delete all notebook files, please go to a folder it is saved in, right-click on this folder and choose Move to Trash.

Your notebook is basically a folder with files, that correspond to your sections. You can manage it as any other folder. You can place it to the client folder of a cloud service of your choice or change its location on your Mac. Don't forget to re-open it in Outline after you do.

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