Notebook Management: Pages

Create New Page

To add a new page, click + New Page at the top of the page list and enter a title.

To insert a new page in the middle of the list, right-click on the page you want to insert the new page after, and choose New Page from the context menu.

Rename Page

When you change a page title, its name also changes. Just open a page, and type a new title.

Make Subpage

To change level of a page, click to hold it and move it to the right. You can also right-click on its title to see a list of options. Choose Increase Indent Level and you'll get a subpage.

Change Order of Pages

Click on the page and hold it. Now drag it to a page that should precede and drop it there.

Change Color

Want your page to look different? That's easy! Choose Set Color from the list of options and feel free to paint your page by picking out any color you like.

Delete or Export Page

Please look for these options in the context menu.

Recent Pages

In Outline you can view the list of pages you recently opened. The list is located in the upper-left corner of the navigation tree (right above NOTEBOOKS). It is open by default. To collapse or expand it back, please click the arrow next to RECENTS.  

Tip 👍

You can quickly switch between recent pages using keyboard shortcuts. Hit CTRL + < to open the previous page, and CTRL + > to open the next page.

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