Password Protected Sections on iPad

You can open your locked sections, set, remove and change passwords.

You can also have sections of a notebook password protected. Just tap this section and choose Set password.

Once your password was set, tap corresponding option to lock the section.

In Settings > Encryption set interval for your section to be automatically locked or switch on Lock when leaving section. Please put a check mark next to the Lock After option and choose between 1 and 30 minutes.

Switch on Unlock sections using Touch ID if you prefer to protect them by using your fingerprint.

To unlock protected section tap again on section tab and choose Unlock. You will be prompted to choose the method – Unlock with your Touch ID or password, depending on chosen options.

    NOTE: You can set passcode on the entire app. Go to Settings > Pass Code Lock and turn
               it on. Choose Use Touch ID to be able to use your fingerprint as well.

    NOTE: Currently it is not possible to set password on sections in notebooks stored on
    NOTE: There is no chance to open a password protected section if you forget the password.
               Please make sure it won`t be lost, as it is impossible to restore your password.

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