Notebooks on iPad

Notebook is a main level of organization in Outline. 

Add Notebook

Start your work in Outline with creating your first notebook:
Tap + icon at the top of notebooks pane and select Create notebook.

    NOTE: All the new notebooks in Outline are local.
               You can move it to the cloud in case you'd like to sync it using cloud storages.

Open Cloud Notebook 

If you already have the notebooks, open them easily in Outline.

    • Tap + icon at the top of the notebooks pane.
    • Select the cloud you have your notebooks in.
    • Log in your cloud storage account.
    • Select the notebook > Done.

Move and open your local notebooks from Outline for Mac or Windows PC using iTunes:

    • Tap + icon at the top of the notebooks pane.
    • Select iTunes > choose the notebook > Done.
    NOTE: Notebooks imported to Outline with iTunes are local. They don't sync with another
               To sync such notebooks, move them to the cloud and reopen the notebook from the
               cloud on another device (Outline for Mac, Windows PC, iPhone).

Notebook Options Menu

Tap the notebook's cover to make the menu pop-up appearing.

    • Create new section or section group using the menu.
    • Expand All notebooks to see all the sections of your notebooks; Collapse All notebooks to hide the section tabs in the notebooks pane.
    • Move Up or Move Down to change the order of your notebooks in notebooks pane.

    • Export to iTunes to move the notebook to your Mac or PC.
    • Copy Link to paste it to any page in Outline and navigate fast between the notebooks.

Notebook Properties

From notebook options menu go to your notebook Properties:

    • Tap Appearance to change the cover of your notebook.
      Changing the cover in Outline for iPad will set the corresponding colour to this notebook if
      opened in Outline for Mac or OneNote.

    • Move the notebook to the cloud storage by tapping Location.
    NOTE: to move the notebook to OneDrive, please change the notebook's format to
               OneNote's first.
               Convert notebook to OneNote format and vice versa

    • Change the Format to Outline or OneNote format.
    NOTEIf you change the format of OneDrive located notebook to Outline's, the notebook will
               get local in your Outline for iPad, but the cloud copy with all the edits made before
               changing the format will stay in your OneDrive account. 

Rename Notebook

Since Outline can be synchronized with OneNote, it is not possible to rename notebooks.

    TIP: You can rename the notebook outside Outline by changing the name of notebook's folder
            in cloud storage:
        ○ Close the cloud located notebook in Outline.
        ○ Go to your cloud storage account in web browser and rename the folder of the notebook.
        ○ Reopen the notebook in Outline with + icon > Open from.

Delete Notebook

    NOTE: local notebooks in Outline for iPad are stored in the application.
               If you delete such notebook, it will be erased from the device.
               The only way to restore it will be using the backups.

Tap on a notebook's name in the navigation tree and select Close / Delete.

    • Close option is available for cloud stored notebooks.
    If you close the cloud located notebook, you will be able to reopen it from the cloud.
    • Delete option is shown for local notebooks.
    If you delete the local notebook, it gets erased.

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