File Attachments on iPad

Add attachments to your notes to have the documents where they work best!

Add Printouts

You can easily send the files from third-party apps to Outline.

    • Use Box, Dropbox, e-mail and Safari apps to send the files to Outline.

    • Tap Share icon and select Open in from the pop-over.

    • Once exporting is done, tap Outline icon in the window that appears. 

    • Outline will open automatically. The file you've sent to the app will be available in the Inbox. Small red "1" will appear in the Inbox icon.

    • Tap the Inbox icon to see the attachments sent to Outline. Long-tap the attachment and drag to the page where you want to insert your attachment. 

    • Tap once to get the Trash icon, tap it to remove the attachment from the Inbox.

    • PDF can be inserted as attachments or as printouts. You can printout the multi-page PDF on one page or to get page-to-page printing - this way one page in Outline section will correspond to one page of your PDF.                                                                                                                                                          
    NOTE: In case you insert the attachments as files, it is only possible to open and view those
               files with corresponding third-party apps. The file opens by double-tap.

Add Images

Tap + icon at the right side of the page and select Add Image.

You'll be offered to choose an image from your Photos images.

Add Photo

Select the corresponding option when tapping icon > make the photo > Use Photo.
The photo will be inserted to the current page.

Add Attachment

Add Attachment feature allows to insert files from cloud storages:

    1. Install your cloud storage app to your iPad;

    2. In Outline open the page that you want the attachment to be added to > tap "+" > "Add Attachment" > log in if needed > select the file.

    3. Attachments get pasted at the bottom of the page. You can now move it across the page to fit in.



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