Images and Photos on iPad

Outline offers different options for adding pictures to your page.

Add Image

Tap + icon at the right side of the page and select Add Image to get the list of images to attach from your Photos app. 
Insert an instant photo to your notes: to take a photo select Take Photo.

You can also copy&paste images from other apps or from the Web.

Edit and Annotate the Image

To be able to move the picture across the page, insert it as separate outline with simple "+" > Add Image.
Tap the picture to get it selected and drag to move.

    NOTE: If the picture doesn't respond to dragging, double-tap it to get the settings pop-up
               appearing and select Set apart from background option.

In case an image serves as simple illustration, insert it as editable object:

    • Attach an image to your notebook's page, cut and paste it to your text outline.
    NOTE: Double-tap the image to get the settings pop-up appearing.
    • The image will move together with the text you're working on.
    • To move the picture outside the text outline, cut and paste it again.

And if you want to write and type upon the image, set it as background.

    • Add Image and double-tap it to see the settings pop-up appearing.
    • Select Set as Background option.

    • Start typing or writing on it.

Move Image

Tap image to select it, then drag it to another place on the page.

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