Handwriting Tools on iPad

Outline inks allow you to highlight text, annotate documents and draw.

    NOTE: Please note that handwriting feature in Outline for iPad is currently in development.
               Slightest lags and misbehaving are possible.
               Please report all the incorrect behaviour by contacting us at support@outline.ws.
               Your help is much appreciated!

When Your Finger Becomes a Pen

If you prefer writing to typing, our app can simulate a real paper for you. 

Simply tap the Pen icon, select the colour and start writing. Handwritten notes will appear on a page - small enough to fit as much information on a page as you want!

Erase the handwritten notes with Eraser tool. 

    NOTE: User Eraser in handwriting area under the page.

Change the size of the page handwriting area by dragging the lower right corner to get more space to write in.

    1. Tap the Pen icon on the right of the page.
    2. Adjust the palm rest panel.
    3. Move the page handwriting area and start writing!

You will find additional writing options by double-tapping the colour line: choose Pen, Highlighter or Marker. Choose colour and width of the line. Enjoy your notes!

Move the page handwriting area to the next line by tapping the Return button. In case you need to add annotations at the end of the existing text piece, tap Move down button.


Annotate, highlight and draw with Outline's drawing tool

Tap Pencil icon, choose Pen, Highlighter, Marker and line width and start working!

    NOTE: There is no palm rejection option enabled in drawing mode.
               Use eraser tool to clean up all the imperfections of your handwriting or drawing.  

Remove inks

Tap Eraser and erase any inks or parts you don't need anymore. Select an entire ink and tap 
Delete or simply tap Undo when you want to delete inks stroke by stroke.

To remove highlighting, tap Undo or use the Eraser.

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