Export to PDF on Mac

Share your notes with friend and colleagues exporting pages, sections and whole notebooks to PDF straight from inside Outline.

Export Notebook

If you want to transfer the whole notebook to PDF, right-click on the notebook in notebooks tree > Export to PDF.

You can change the export properties in Outline > Preferences > General > PDF Export.

    • Add Footer places the special stamp "Created with Outline" at the bottom of the last
      page of your PDF.
      Disable this feature if you want to have simple PDFs.
      Or you can leave it to let your friend know it's Outline you're using.
    • Show Titles will help you to identify the separate sections / section groups inside your PDF.
      It can be especially useful when you export the whole notebook.
Export Section

To export just the section, right-click on its tab in notebooks tree > Export to PDF.

Export Page

There are two ways to export the page to PDF: Export Page to PDF and Export Printout.
If you have standard page created and filled in Outline, Export Page to PDF will be the only export option available.

In case there is the PDF printout inserted to your page, both options will be active.

    NOTE: Please select Export Printout if you want to export imported PDF printout.

Only annotations made right on a printout will be visible on a PDF file after exporting. Everything typed aside on Outline page won`t be saved.

Send by E-mail

For sections and pages Export by E-mail option is available.
This option opens Mac Mail new letter window with the section / page PDF already attached to this email.


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