Backups on Mac

Never worry about losing your notes again!

To make sure all your notes are safe, we strongly encourage you to enable our Backup Feature.

In Outline, go to Outline > Preferences > Backup and enable backups. 

    After first installation the backups are enabled by default.
    The first destination folder set by default is iCloud Drive folder on Mac.
    In case no cloud located backups are needed, disable the backups or change the destination folder to local one.
    • In Destination you can choose any folder on your Mac to store Outline backup files inside.
      It also can be the mounted folder of any cloud storage or WebDAV server.
    • Set the Frequency for the backups to be generated (from 1 min to once a week).
    • Choose the Number of Copies for your section backup files.

   • Click on Show Backup Files > select the copy of your section you want to restore >

Backup section will appear in Outline in separate Unfiled notebook.
To move it to another notebook drag&drop.


     SCENARIO: If you choose the backups to generate every 30 minutes and set the number
                        of copies on 5, you'll have 5 latest versions of one section with 30 minutes of
                        edit between them.
     NOTE: Make sure that you didn't set the backups to a folder with your actual notebook.
                If you see the files "Section name [2017-01-16_16-12-55]" appearing in your
                notebook, go to Outline's Preferences and change Backup Destination folder.

iCloud Backups

If you want your Outline for Mac backups to be available for Outline on your other devices, set iCloud Drive > Outline as destination folder.

Your backups will be saved in hidden folder and will be reachable from Outline only.
You will be able to open the backed up files in your iPad and iPhone Outlines too.

      NOTE: Your data is saved to iCloud while you are logged in with your Apple ID in iCloud
                 Settings. After you logged out, backups will be saved to a destination on your hard
                 drive specified in Backup Settings.

Other Backup options:

1. If you use Dropbox or Box to sync your notebooks, then your data is already being 
backed up. 

2. Use Time Machine to backup folder with your notebooks.

To locate your notebook, right-click on it in the navigation tree, select Properties and see the folder containing it. 

To learn more about the Mac Time Machine, please visit Apple Support Center.

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