OneDrive Personal Sync on Mac

Having chosen OneDrive, you can open, edit and sync your notebooks with Outline. 

To open a notebook from OneDrive click + near NOTEBOOKS > Open from OneDrive > sign in > double-click the notebook you want to open.

Now you can edit and sync the notebooks. All the edits will be uploaded to OneDrive and you'll be able to review them in other Outline versions and OneNote.

You can check sync status at the bottom of the window.

Make OneDrive notebook local

If you want to move your OneDrive notebook to local storage, change it's format to Outline.

    1. Right-click the notebooks's cover > Properties > Export to Outline > select the local    
        folder where you want this notebook to be stored (for example Documents > Outline notebooks) > Open > Save.

    Changing the format you're creating a local copy of cloud notebook. Original copy of this notebook in OneNote format  stays on OneDrive. 
    2. Close the original copy of this OneDrive notebook in Outline.
    3. Open the local copy with + > Open from Local.
    If you want to upload this notebook to another cloud storage, use the method described here: 
    How to move local notebook to the cloud storage

    NOTE: It is not possible yet to create notebooks on OneDrive with Outline. To do so, please, 
               use OneNote Web app.
               How to sync Mac Outline notebooks with OneNote

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