How to check notebooks' location and format

When you start working with the new app, you often don't notice some important things.
For example in Outline you want to start working with notebooks right away and don't pay attention on where you save it or what format you choose.

However after the first steps, it's really useful to know those things - location and format of your notebooks.
This article is about how you can check it.

a) How to check location and format in Outline for Mac:

    1. Right-click the notebook's cover in notebooks pane > choose Properties.

    2. Check Location and File format fields:

        For Local, Dropbox or Box notebooks location will show the path to the folder.
        You can also use Show in Finder option to get to the containing folder with this notebook.
        For OneDrive notebooks location will show OneDrive title.
        For iCloud notebooks iCloud title (or blanc line) will be displayed.

        For OneDrive and SharePoint you can also use the Outline > Preferences >
        Sync window to get the list of the notebooks open from those locations.

b) How to check location and format in Outline for iOS:

    1. In Outline for iPad double-tap the notebook's cover in notebooks pane > choose
    In Outline for iPhone tap Edit on the main screen > gear icon near the notebook >

    2. Go to Location to check where you have this notebook located.

    3. And Format:

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