Dropbox Sync on Mac

Have chosen Dropbox? Then please follow three steps to setup sync:

1. Create Dropbox account on www.dropbox.com, download and install Dropbox client on your Mac, a local Dropbox folder will appear​;

2. Place your notebook into Dropbox folder (if you already created it locally);

   How to move local notebook to the cloud storage

3. In Outline click + next to NOTEBOOKS in the navigation tree  >  Open from Local, Dropbox or Box  >  navigate to Dropbox folder in Finder >  Select your notebook's folder   > Open.

In case you`re going to create a new notebook, click + next to NOTEBOOKS  >  Create New Notebook >  "Folder" icon to choose location  >  Dropbox folder  >  Open  >  Save.

Advantage of Dropbox: you can always recover deleted notebook files from Recycle bin in the upper-right corner of your Dropbox page or restore their previous versions. 

Just right-click on a notebook file and select Previous versions. Choose the version you want to make current and click Restore.

     NOTE: Dropbox doesn't allow simultaneous edits, so make sure that you are editing your files
                on one device at a time only. Otherwise it will create conflict copies.

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