Edit Notes on Mac

Saving Your Notes

Your notes are always up-to-date. 

Don't worry about your notes, Outline saves everything you type and copy-paste automatically. 

Automatic sync uploads your edits to your cloud storage regularly and for local notebooks you make the edits right in your local notebook file!

    TIP: Click the sync icon in the lower left corner to force start the sync.
           Wait till the notebook finish syncing and continue editing in Outline for iPad or iPhone.

Text Styles

Change text styles or headings to make important information stand out.

Change your text note with applying one of Outline's text styles: select your text on a page, click the text style from dropdown menu in upper toolbox or use the keyboard shortcut.



Create bullet and number lists to organize your notes.

To increase indentation level press Tab.  
To decrease indentation level press ⇧ + Tab.

⌘ + .    Bulleted list
⌘ + /   Numbered list
    TIP: To create a numbered list, just type "1." or "-" and press Space. Next points will appear


Visualize your notes with tags and checkboxes. 

You can either choose a tag option from the toolbar and start typing or select already existing text and apply tagging. Indentation Tab and back indentation ⇧ + Tab are also available for tags. 

  TIP: Outline will automatically continue to-do tag list when you start a new line after another
          tag. You can change this behaviour by using a corresponding setting (Preferences  >
          Edit > Add To-do Tag on New Line if Previous Line Contains To-do Tag).


Arrange your data in Outline tables.

Create Table

Type a word or a phrase and press Tab to put it into the first cell.

Add Column or Row

To add a column, right-click on the table and choose Insert Left or Insert Right
You can also use the shortcuts: to add a column on the right side, hit ⌘+CTRL+R or
For the new column on the left hit ⌘+CTRL+L or OPTION + LEFT ARROW.

Adding a row goes easy too - place the cursor into the last cell in a row and hit Return.
Or right-click on a cell and choose Insert Row Above or Insert Row Below. Here are quick shortcuts for your convenience: OPTION + UP ARROW for adding row above; OPTION + DOWN ARROW or ⌘ + ENTER for adding row below.

You can also click + on the toolbar at the top of Outline window and choose Add Table

Delete Column or Row

Select column or row and then press DELETE button to remove them.

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