Outline and OneNote

Outline is fully compatible with Microsoft OneNote.
Here are a couple of scenarios of how you can share your notes with your OneNote users.


Share the local notebook with Windows OneNote (available for OneNote 2016 only) 

Just send your whole Outline notebook to your colleague/friend.

Locate your notebook via Finder, right-click on the folder containing it > compress > send it to the recipient.

Same option is available for separate sections: In your notebook's folder in Finder, right-click on a section you want to send (.one file) and mail it to the recipient.

Note: For a notebook stored on iOS devices, get its folder to Mac/PC through iTunes/third-party cloud storages first. 


Note: MS Cloud services support only OneNote format of the notebook. If you have your notes in old Outline format, please convert them!

OneNote 2016 allows opening notebooks from third-party cloud storages. Just place the folder of your notebook to your cloud storage folder in Finder and share the folder using storage web client. Learn more about cloud storages here

Later OneNote versions allow only MS cloud synchronisation.

If you want to sync your OneNote notebook to Outline, 

1) place it in OneDrive/SharePoint/WebDav cloud storage,

2) Link your cloud storage to Outline in Outline's Preferences

3) open the notebook in Outline via + button. 

NOTE: If you have any difficulties syncing your notebook via WebDav, try disabling Use WebDAV Locks and opening your notebooks again. 
You can find this Option in synchronization settings of Outline. 
In case you are moving your notebook to WebDav from iPad, its copy is sent to WebDAV server, and the original notebook stays in the previous location. 
The notebook displayed in Outline after changing location is WebDAV notebook.

As Mac OneNote doesn't allow storing the notebooks locally and uploading the local notebooks to OneDrive from Mac, the only way of moving the local Mac Outline notebooks to OneDrive is to create a new notebook on OneDrive (for example, through web OneNote), open it in Outline (via + button) and move all the sections from your Outline notebook to this new OneDrive notebook.

Note: For iOS devices simply change the location of your notebook to the cloud storage of your choice in it's properties. Please mind that o nce you share your notebook to MS Clouds on iOS devices, it is no longer available for sharing to other services.The only way to get it shared to some other storage is to change the format to Outline's and choose another sharing option.        

Migration from OneNote to Outline

In case you want to migrate from OneNote completely and have your data in Outline only, the best way to do this is the following: 

1. Place your notebook to OneDrive on your PC or from Web OneNote;

2. On your Mac, in Finder search for Storageone in This Mac

In this folder you shall find the folders with your notebooks. 

3. Copy these folders to the storage of your choice and re-open them in Outline. 

Note: Outline for iPad doesn't keep copies of local notebooks in its system. If you close a local notebook it will be deleted from your device.         

Another way is to send your notebook as a package. Export it as a package in your OneNote, send it via email and open the package in Outline.

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