Password Protected Sections on Mac

You can open your locked sections, set, remove and change passwords.

Right-click the section tab in notebooks pane and select Set Password to get your section protected.

To open the section click on a page and enter your password to unlock this section.

You can set up time interval to automatically lock sections.

To get a section locked right after you left it go to Outline > Preferences > Security and put a check mark next to Lock Password Protected Section when Leaving it.

If you often switch between several protected sections while working and don`t want to enter passwords each time, Outline offers you to set an interval to get the section locked when you don't work with it anymore. 
Put a check mark next to the second option in the pop-over and choose between 1 and 30 mins.

    NOTE: When you switch to another section or notebook, your password protected section will
               be locked after 10 minutes automatically.

    NOTE:There is no chance to open a password protected section if you forget the password.
              Please make sure it won`t be lost, as it is impossible to restore your password.

    TIP: You can quickly lock all password protected sections at once using the keyboard shortcut
           ⌘ + ALT + L.

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