How to import Evernote notebooks to Outline

Make your Evernote notebooks organized with Outline!

To import your Evernote notebooks use Outline's import option:

   NOTE: At the moment Evernote notebooks import is available only on Mac OS 10.11 and 10.12.

    1. Run Evernote app > Notebooks > right-click on the notebook that you want to export > Export Notes from "Your Notebook".

   NOTE: If "Export Notes" option is greyed out, restart Evernote.

    2. Enter the tittle of your notebook in Save As. This title will be used for Outline version of your notebook.
    Select HTML as export format > select the folder where to save exported notes > click Save.

   NOTE: If export fails on some note, move it to some other notebook > retry with an export
              and then copy-paste it manually to Outline notebook.

    3. In Outline go to File > Import > From Evernote.

    4. Select the folder of your exported Evernote notebook in Import from.

    5. In Import to choose a local folder to store your notebook in Outline format.

    6. Select import settings:

        ○ Append meta info adds information on creation date and tags from Evernote on top of each Outline page.

        ○ Sort pages by creation bring the most recent pages first in the list of Outline sections.
    7. Click on Import and wait till the notebook got imported completely (for large notebooks it can take some time).

    Feel free to write to if any difficulties occur with the import.

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