How to downgrade your Outline

If you're used to the specifics of the older version of Outline or you find the older version to be more stable on your device, please write to and we'll help you to downgrade your Outline.

1) For Mac Outline:

    - Please write to and we'll send you the previous version to install.
2) For iPad Outline:

It is slightly more difficult to downgrade the iPad app.
If you're familiar with downgrading process through Charles app, use it to downgrade Outline the same way as any other app:  
    1. Download Charles Debugging Proxy Application; 

    2. Start downloading Outline using iTunes;

    3. Through Charles app get the previous version installation file;

    4. Send it to your iPad to install.

    How to download the older versions of iOS apps
    Feel welcome to write to if facing difficulties with Outline downgrade, we'll provide the detailed description on how to downgrade Outline using Charles Debugging Proxy Application.
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