Setting edit permissions for the notebooks

If you have a shared notebook and you want to set the edit permissions for it, you can do it through the Dropbox Shared folder permissions option.

You can enable full-edit permission or read-only permission for a user with whom you have a shared folder.
In case user was assigned with read-only permission, he'll be able to edit the notebook on his device but the edits won't sync with the original copy of the notebook in Dropbox, it will remain unchanged. However the changes made to the original copy by the users with full-edit permission will sync to the read-only version of such notebook.

How to enable edit permissions:

1) If you want to enable edit permission for the local notebook / the notebook on some other cloud storage:

- On iPad:
  1. Move the notebook to Dropbox: tap the notebook's cover > Properties > Location > change to Dropbox;
  1. Set the edit permission (see below).

- On Mac:
  1. Find the location of your notebook's folder: right-click on the notebook's cover > Show in Finder for local notebooks / right-click on the notebook's cover > Properties > Location - for cloud stored notebook;
  1. Open the local folder with your notebook or your cloud folder where the notebook is stored;
  1. Move your notebook to the Dropbox folder on your Mac;
  1. Set the edit permission (see below).

2) If you already have your notebook on Dropbox:
  1. Sign in your account at
  1. Choose the notebook folder you want to share > Share;
  1. Type the Email or name of the person you want to share the notebook with;
  1. Choose the edit permission option clicking the "Can edit / Can view" button next to the email field;
  1. Click share.

The person you indicated will receive the email with invitation to use your shared notebook.
You can also change the setting of access management in "Folder settings" to let the people you share folder with send their own invitations to edit / view the folder.
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