How to use Outline Cleaner

If your Outline started acting abnormally, for example, quits at start or doesn't launch after update, please follow the instructions:

1. Make sure all of your local notebooks are backed up. 

You can check the location of your notebook by right-clicking on the notebook's cover > Properties Location. If the notebook is local, there will be path to the folder on your computer.

You can check the OneDrive and WebDAV servers synced notebooks by going to Outline > Preferences > Sync.

You can additionally back up your notebook by manually clicking Backup Now in Outline > Preferences > Backup.

Or File > Backup Now > Current Section / Current Notebook / All Notebooks.
You will be able to open your backed up notebook when opening the sections in Show Backup Files.

Cleaner file doesn't affect the notebooks but it is always better to have your notebooks backed up.

2. Close Outline.

3. Download and run Outline cleaner file:

4. Run Outline.

Outline cleaner tool will delete user defaults and cache created by Outline. It won't affect your system, but will reset Outline settings. After finishing the cleaning you can start working, to open your local notebooks click the "+" button at the top of the notebooks list > Open from Local. To open your cloud synced notebooks > Open from <cloud storage>.

Please write to if facing any difficulties with Outline Cleaner.

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