Clip from the Web on Mac

Send web pages from Safari or images from corresponding apps to Outline with the help of Apple extensions.

Share Extensions

Apple extensions enable Outline to insert web content from Safari right on a page.

When you`re browsing through the web and finally find something you would like to save in your Outline notes, click the export icon and choose Outline from the set of offered apps. The web page will be sent to Outline and can then be embedded as a printout. After that you can annotate it and export to PDF or send it via e-mail.

Pictures can be sent to Outline from other apps that support extensions.
Open a picture you`d like to add to your Outline note, click export icon and select Outline just like you did on the web page. It is especially convenient when you`re simply looking through your photos and decide to save some of them to Outline as well.

Extensions also enable you to send Outline pages directly to other with extensions support. Click the Export icon in the upper-right corner and choose an app you`d like to send a page to.

Services: Send to Outline

You can also use another OS X share feature - Services. Services allow you to transfer content from Safari, Notes, messaging apps etc. to your Outline pages and from pages to other apps supporting this feature. Before using, go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services and set tick opposite Outline in the list of available services. 

Then right-click on selected text and choose Services > Send To Outline. In the same way send content from Outline to other apps where you can continue to operate with it.


Add links to source when copy-pasting from the web.

You can always go back to original source of pasted content. Link will appear at the bottom of outline. 

Just copy and paste them anywhere to a page or to a specific position in an existing outline. Size and quality of images as well as styles and formatting of text are carried over.

           NOTE: If you don't want source link to be added, clear a tick box opposite Add Link to
                     Source when Clipping from Web in Outline -> Preferences -> General.

Clip Screenshots

Use ⇧ + CTRL + ⌘ + 4 to select part of the screen and copy it to the clipboard > press ⌘ + V to add this screenshot to your Outline page. 

Print to Outline

Print to Outline is a part of OS X PDF Services that brings functions of virtual printer. It allows to import documents, files or web pages as PDF attachment or printout from any app with printing support to Outline. 

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