How to redeem promo codes for Mac

If you got lucky to receive a promo code for Mac version of Outline or to find it on our Facebook/Twitter, please do the following to redeem this code:

1. Open the Mac App Store on your Mac.

2. Go to the Featured tab on the bottom navigation bar and click Redeem in the Quick Links section:

3. Enter your promo code and click Redeem.

Redeem promo code
Mac AppStore will automatically start downloading on your Mac.

If you've found a coupon code for Outline Online Store version, here are the steps for you:


  1. Get the trial Standalone Outline version for Mac - download it clicking Try now at


  1. Go to our store: 


  1. Proceed with an order using the coupon code you have.


  1. Wait for an email with the license to activate your trial version.

  1. Activate your license

Please write to if facing any difficulties with using the coupon codes for Outline.

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