Convert notebook to OneNote format and vice versa on Mac

We keep supporting Microsoft OneNote notebooks in Outline and continue to improve display fidelity for those who need Microsoft OneNote.
In Outline we have two formats for notebooks to your choice: the native Outline format and OneNote format that allows you to work with OneNote and Outline at the same time.

The main difference between the formats is the way the attachments are stored:


       Outline File Format. Files have .outdoc and .outtoc extension.
      In Outline File Format attachments are held in separate folder (for example
      Having attachments arranged this way, Outline can download the notebooks faster: we open
      the text section files first.
      Attachments get downloaded later when you can already open the page and start typing.
      OneNote File Format. Files have .one and .onetoc2 extension. 
      In OneNote File Format attachments are encoded inside the general section files.
      It means you need to wait for all the attached files to finish downloading before the edits can
      be made.

When you create a new notebook in Outline, it is always created in Outline File Format.
How to check the format of notebook in Outline

If you need to use this notebook in OneNote, you can easily change the format of your notebook in all of Outline versions.

How to change the format of notebook in Outline for Mac

    1. Right-click the cover of your notebook in Outline > Properties.

    2. Click "Export to OneNote Format".

    3. Select the folder to store this notebook copy > Select.
    You can save the copy to your iCloud, Dropbox or Box folder. In this case after opening this
    notebook in Outline, it will be already synced.

    4. Wait till the copy of your notebook in new format will be created.

    5. Open this OneNote formatted notebook in Outline with "+" icon at the top of notebooks
    pane > Open from Local, Dropbox or Box or Open from iCloud.

        When changing the format of notebook in Outline for Mac, the app creates the copy of
        notebook that doesn't get opened inside Outline automatically. Instead you need to close
        this notebook in Outline format in the app (because you cannot have 2 notebooks with the
        same name opened), and open the copy in OneNote format that you've just saved to one of
        your local folders.

After changing the format, you can sync this notebook with OneNote on your PC keeping 100% of information and formatting, edit it on Mac and transfer it back to your PC. You can also share it using various sharing options. 
It is up to you to decide what suits you best. Important is that each of this services helps you keep your files safe.

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