How to package notebook to upload it via USB/iTunes

How to package the notebooks to import them from PC OneNote:

You can package your notebook as .onepkg file or zip archive. See more details below.


Option1: Save your notebook as .onepkg file. To do this, choose a notebook you want to package, go to File -> Export, then select to save entire notebook as .onepkg file.



Option2: Local notebooks can be packaged as a zip archive.

To find out where your notebook is located, right click on a notebook in Notebooks view in OneNote and Select Properties. After that archive your notebook in zip format, using any accessible archiving utility.


How to package the notebooks to import them from Mac to iPad:

To upload your notebooks to iTunes and then import them to your iPad Outline follow the steps:


         1. Find your local notebook folder on your Mac: right-click on the notebook's cover to get
            this notebook's location folder > Properties.

        Or right-click on the notebook's cover > Show in Finder.

         2. ​Reach this notebook's folder and compress it.

         3. Connect your iPad to Mac via iTunes, open iTunes and navigate to your iPad  >  
            Apps  >  File Sharing. Find Outline here. 

         4. Click Add... to upload your notebook's .zip archive.

          5. Open the notebook in your iPad Outline by tapping "+" Open from  >  iTunes.

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