Section is the first sub level of Outline. It divides notebook into subtopics.
Add Section

To add a new section, click + in the upper-right corner of Outline window OR right-click on the name of a notebook and choose Add Section.


Rename Section

To set a new name to a section, go to its menu by right-clicking on the section name and choose Rename, then change the title.

Change Order of Sections

Simply drag&drop a section to proper position either within tabs above the page or in the navigation tree.
Another option is to choose Cut from the section menu, then to right-click the section that should precede and click Paste

Password Protection
If you want to keep your notes private, you can protect your sections with a password. To do so, please open the list of options with right-click on the section name and choose Set Password.

Change Appearance

Don't like an automatically set colour of a section?
Change it any time you want!
Right-click on the section title and go to Set Colour. Feel free to pick out any colour you like. 

Delete or Export Section

Please look for these options in the context menu.

        NOTE: You can use shortcuts to switch between sections. Hit ⌘+ALT+LEFT ARROW to
                  open previous section or ⌘+ALT+RIGHT ARROW to open next section in

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