Preferences on Mac

Meet Outline Preferences to set the app to work for you as you're used to.

Where To Find

To open the Preferences window go to Outline in upper bar > Preferences.

What's Inside

1. General

    • In General set the Author for your notes and Initials that's going to be displayed in OneNote in you OneDrive synced notebook.

    • Add Link to Source when Clipping from Web adds the source link to copy-pasted text or image if you use Safari as web browser.

    • Add Footer can help you to identify the PDFs made in Outline.
    The footer is displayed on the last page of your PDF

    • Show Titles helps to distinguish the pages and sections if you export the whole section or the whole notebook at once.
    • Enabling notifications you will receive the latest news on app updates and sales.

2. Edit

    • Check Spelling identifies and underlines misspellings and words typed incorrectly.
    • Correct Spelling Automatically  allows the app to correct the misspelled words.
      NOTE: To cancel one of corrections use CMD+Z shortcut to return to the previous spelling.
    • Correct TWo INitial CApitals will help to beat the widely spread misspelling issue.
      NOTE: When you DO need to spell two letters in capital, use CMD+Z to return to the
      previous spelling.
    • Add To-do Tag can make creation of task lists easier:

    • Create Table on Tab key will be the best help if you need to start a new table fast.
            □ Click on "+ New Page" to create a new page for your table
            □ Start typing the title right away 
            □ Hit TAB to get to the first outline of your page 
            □ Enter the text for the first cell;
            □ Hit TAB again;
            □ Continue filling your new table.

3. Security

    • Lock Section when Leaving it locks the section every time you switch between different section.
    • Automatic Section Lock allows to set the time. If you return to this protected section in 10 minutes period, you won't need to enter the password again.
4. Sync

Select the cloud storage you have your notebooks in. Select the notebook, enter credentials and click on "+" icon above notebooks pane to open the notebooks from your account.

   NOTE: In this window you'll get the list of the notebooks already opened in your Outline.
              To open notebook use "+" icon at the top of notebooks pane.

5. Backup

    NOTE: After first installation the backups are enabled by default.
               The first destination folder set by default is iCloud Drive folder on Mac.
               In case no cloud located backup are needed, disable the backups or change the
               destination folder to local one.
    • In Destination you can choose any folder on your Mac to store Outline backup files inside.
      It also can be the mounted folder of any cloud storage or WebDAV server.
    • Set the Frequency for the backups to be generated (from 1 min to once a week).
    • Choose the Number of Copies for your section backup files.

        If you choose the backups to generate every 30 minutes and set the number of copies on 5,
        you'll have 5 latest versions of one section with 30 minutes of edit between them.
    • Click on Show Backup Files > select the copy of your section you want to restore > Restore.
6. About

Review the version of your Outline in About section.
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