Notebook's Location and Format


Notebook's Properties in Outline contain some useful information that you might need in order to successfully operate your notes. 

First of all you can find out where the notebook is stored. It can be either local folder or a cloud storage. To change notebook's location on Mac, please open the folder that contains your notebook in Finder and copy the folder to any storage of your choice. Please mind that you need to install a third-party cloud client on your Mac first, so that you could place a notebook to its folder.

Note: It is impossible to place a notebook in OneDrive from Mac right now. Please find out more about the ways of syncing your notes with OneNote here

On iOS devices you can change the notebook's location directly from Outline. 

Note: Once you share your notebook to MS Clouds on iOS devices, it is no longer available for sharing to other services.The only way to get it shared to some other storage is to change the format to Outline's and choose another sharing option.


In Outline we have two formats of notebooks to your choice: the native Outline format and the OneNote format that allows you to work with OneNote and Outline at the same time. You can convert your notebooks via their properties anytime you wish.

The main difference between the formats is the way the attachments are stored:

     Outline File Format. 

Files have .outdoc and .outtoc extension.
In Outline File Format attachments are held in separate folder (for example "section_name.outdoc__files").
Having attachments arranged this way, Outline can download the notebooks faster: we open the text section files first.
Attachments get downloaded later when you can already open the page and start typing.

     OneNote File Format. 

Files have .one and .onetoc2 extension. 
In OneNote File Format attachments are encoded inside the general section files.
It means you need to wait for all the attached files to finish downloading before the editing.

When you create a new notebook in Outline, it is always created in Outline File Format.
If you need to use this notebook in OneNote, you can easily change the format of your notebook in all of Outline versions. You can do that in Notebook's Properties.

Note: When you change  the format of a notebook in Outline, a copy of initial notebook in new format is created locally. This copy won't be automatically opened in Outline, so please re-open it. (Don't forget to close the initial Notebook to avoid confusion. You cannot have two notebooks with the same name opened in Outline simultaneously). In case you want this notebook synced, place it to the cloud storage of your choice.



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