iCloud sync troubleshooting

If you decide to sync your notebooks with iCloud, here are some useful things to check before moving your notebooks to the storage.

Certain difficulties with iCloud can occur because of the app connection settings or particular mistakes when uploading the notebook to the cloud.

General troubleshooting:
    1. First of all, check that you've logged in iCloud and that it's the same account you're using on
    your other devices.
        ○   On Mac go to your Mac System Preferences > iCloud.
            Sign out and back in if needed.
          ○ On iOS go to Settings > iCloud > your account.

    2. Then check if Outline is allowed to use iCloud Drive:
        ○ On Mac check the box for iCloud Drive at the top of the list. 
           A local iCloud Drive folder will appear in Finder right after that;
        ○ Go to Options > scroll down to find Outline and check it's box.


        ○ On iOS go to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive > switch Outline's toggle on.

    3. In case you don't see the iCloud Drive folder appearing in your Finder (or in iCloud Storage  
    on iOS), you can try to restart your device: sometimes folder process can get stuck.
    4. You can also check iCloud System Status page, in case there are any problems with the
    server itself: https://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/

    5. Verify that the correct time is set on your device (incorrect time settings will cause iCloud to
    reject the connection).
    6. Make sure that you are not behind a firewall that blocks incoming or outgoing iCloud traffic
    (also applies to utilities like Little Snitch, TCPBlock, etc…).
    7. When files are not uploaded to iCloud, ensure that you have enough free space on iCloud.
    The free plan only comes with 5 GB of total iCloud storage.

Sync troubleshooting (if nothing syncs):

If everything on your devices is set correctly and you still have the difficulties with the notebooks stored in iCloud, here is what you can do:

1. Make sure you edit the notebook that is located in iCloud:

        ○ In Outline for Mac right-click the notebook's cover > Properties > check Location.
        It needs to be iCloud Drive > Outline (or blanc line - that is also the right option).


         ○ On iPad double-tap the notebook's cover > Properties > Location > it needs to be
        ○ On iPhone tap Edit on the main screen > gear icon near the notebook you want to check
        > Properties > Location > it needs to be iCloud.

2. Outline for iOS devices can only open and sync the notebooks stored in iCloud Drive > Outline folder.
Check your iCloud Drive in Finder on your Mac - the notebooks needs to be located in Outline folder:

    On iPad and iPhone go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage > check if you
    have Outline in the list of apps connected folders > check that you have your notebook inside:

    If you find out that your notebook is outside Outline's folder, drag&drop it to the right place on
    And use iCloud web client to do the same for your iOS devices.
    You will need to reopen the notebook you've moved in all your Outline apps with "+" > Open
    from iCloud.
    This way all the copies you have opened on your devices will be connected to the main copy in
    the cloud storage and will sync.
    If you don't have Outline folder in your iCloud Drive, please contact our support.
3. Check that you edit the same notebook on all of your devices:

         When changing the format of the notebook, the local copy of the same notebook

      ○On Mac the new copy doesn't get opened automatically, it is still the previous format
        notebook being open in Outline.

      ○If you move the new exported copy to iCloud, make sure to open it in your Outline:
        "+" > Open from iCloud. 

      ○On iOS devices, in opposite, it is the new local notebook that stays open in Outline. 

      ○If you want to move this new formatted copy to iCloud, delete the previous version from
        iCloud Drive > Outline folder and upload the new copy to the same location. Open this
        notebook in Outline for Mac with "+" > Open from iCloud.

1) Open your iCloud Drive > Outline folder to check if you have only one folder titled as your notebook.
2) Open this notebook on all of your devices with "+" / down arrow > Open from iCloud.
3) Additionally check if the format and location of your notebook is the same on all of your devices:

       ○ Right-click the notebook's cover > Properties > Location and Format fields in Outline for 

      ○Double-tap the notebook's cover > Properties > Location and Format in Outline for iPad;

      ○Edit on the main screen > gear icon near the notebook you want to check > Properties >
        Location and Format.

Sync troubleshooting (if there are sync errors):

    1. Check the Troubleshoot sync errors in Outline on iPad 
    2. Contact us at support@outline.ws.

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