Notebooks on Mac

Notebook is a main level of organization in Outline. It is a book devoted to one certain topic. 

Create New Notebook

To create a new notebook, click + in the navigation tree on the left. Choose Create New Notebook and enter its title in the corresponding field. Then click on the folder icon to choose location on your Mac to save it (for example Documents > Outline notebooks). Finally click Save and make your first note.

    NOTE: The notebook created this way will be local and won't sync to any other devices and
               apps. Outline doesn't have automatic synchronisation.

Open Notebook

Outline for Mac opens notebooks created in iPad version or in Microsoft OneNote from the following locations:

    • Local Storage
    You can work with notebooks stored locally on your Mac. Click + next to NOTEBOOKS, select
    Local, Dropbox or Box and choose a notebook folder from your local folder OR just drag and
    drop the notebook folder to the navigation tree. 
    • Local Networks
    You can also open and edit notebooks stored on your Local Area Networks.
    • Dropbox and Box 
    Install sync client app on your Mac and open your notebooks from the local Dropbox or Box
    • iCloud Drive 
    Use iCloud system folder to open notebooks stored on your iCloud.
    Outline automatically connects with iCloud account used on your Mac. There is no sign in
    window for iCloud in Outline.

    • Microsoft OneDrive Personal 
    Log in your OneDrive Personal account and open the notebooks using + icon at the top of
    notebooks pane > Open from OneDrive.
    This is a native sync provider for Microsoft OneNote.

    • WebDAV
    Connect to your WebDAV server, open, edit and sync the changes.
    • Microsoft SharePoint Server & Microsoft OneDrive for Business
    Available for sync starting from Outline version 3.18.

Change Cover

Customize your notebook by choosing a cover which suits a topic, your thoughts or mood best! Right-click on the notebook's name, choose Properties and set a proper color. Don't forget to click Save!

       NOTE: Selected cover colour will be transferred to OneNote if you work in synced OneDrive
                 Changing cover in Outline for iPad or iPhone you'll get the cover colour in your Mac
                 Outline changing as well.

Rename Notebook

Since Outline can be synchronized with Microsoft OneNote and changes its format and structure to OneNote format, it is not possible to rename notebooks within Outline. To change the name of a notebook, you need to rename a local folder where its files are stored. Please keep in mind that once you renamed a notebook, it has to be re-opened from the storage to get in sync again.

Notebook Location

For your convenience we added a possibility to find the location of your notebook:
            - right-click on a notebook's cover and choose Show in Finder. You`ll be redirected to a
              folder which contains this notebook.

    This option is available for Local, Dropbox and Box notebooks.
    In case you don't see Show in Finder option, check your notebook's Properties. It must be located on OneDrive, WebDAV or iCloud. You'll see the corresponding titles in Properties > Location.

Delete Notebook

If you want to delete a notebook from the navigation tree, right-click on its name and choose Close / Move to Trash. The notebook will disappear from the app, but to fully delete all notebook files from Mac, please go to a folder it is saved in, right-click and choose Move to Trash.

    NOTE: There are different options for local and cloud stored notebook: you'll see Close option
               available for Local notebooks and Move to Trash for cloud based.

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