How to restore a notebook deleted from cloud storage

1. Restoring your notebook deleted from the cloud storage via Recycle Bin:
If you have accidentally deleted the notebook from cloud storage or you've found out that the notebook is somehow missing from the cloud, don't worry, all the cloud storages have recycle bins and there is nothing simpler than restoring the notebook deleted from a cloud.
Here are some useful links that may help you:
iCloud: Supporting applications put deleted files into Recently Deleted. You can find and restore them at the bottom right corner of your iCloud Drive folder.
2. Restore the notebook deleted from the cloud storage using the temporary copy opened in Outline on iPad:
If you notebook that was deleted from the cloud storage is still opened in Outline for iPad, you can restore it the following way:

Tap the notebook's cover > Properties > Location.
- Change it to Local;
- Place the notebook to the cloud again, if you wish.
Note: We recommend saving the notebook to another folder at the cloud storage to avoid conflict copies. 
3. If the notebook was deleted from the cloud more than 30 days ago, the only way to restore it is to open it from Backups. 
You can find additional information about backup settings here: 
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