How to migrate from PC OneNote to Mac Outline

In case you're switching from OneNote to Outline here are some useful tips on how to optimise your work with OneNote notebooks in Outline:

a) Work with your cloud notebooks from PC OneNote located in OneDrive:

  1. Log in your OneDrive account in Outline > Preferences > Synchronisation;

  1. Open your OneDrive notebooks - click "+" at the top of the notebooks list > Open from OneDrive > select the notebook.

Another scenario is when you want to work with your notebooks locally. Here is how you can move the local notebooks to Outline:

b) Work with your PC OneNote notebooks locally:

   - Sending the notebook's folder:

  1. Find your local notebook's folder on your PC and move it to your Mac;      

  1. On Mac place it to the local folder you want the notebook to be stored in;   


  1. Open the notebook using "+" > Open from Local, Dropbox or Box.       


    - Sending the notebook's package:

  1. Export your notebook to .onepkg package: FIle > Export > Export current notebook > OneNote package;


  1. Send your package to your Mac and open it in Outline by double-clicking on the package file.

You can also open the separate sections from your OneNote notebooks.

c) Move the notebook sections to Outline locally:

  1. Export the section by going to File > Export > Export current section > OneNote 2010-2013 Section;

  1. Send this section to your Mac;

  2. Open it in Outline by double-clicking on the .one file; it will be opened in special Unfiled for OneNote notebook in Outline.

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