Printouts on Mac

Insert PDF files as printouts to annotate them.

Please click + on the toolbar at the top of the page and choose Add Attachment or simply drag&drop a PDF file onto Outline page. A three-option-menu will appear. Choose Split Pages or On Single Page depending on your needs. 

Once a file is printed out, feel free to make annotations on it.

Split Pages

If you want each page of your PDF document to be printed out on a separate Outline page, select Split Pages from the menu.

On Single Page

To get the whole PDF inserted onto one Outline page, please choose On Single Page.

Export Back to PDF

Files printed out On Single Page can be saved back as PDF. If you want to save annotated printout as a PDF document for further usage, right-click on the page title on the left and select Export to PDF  >  Export Printout.


    NOTE: Only annotations made right on a printout will be visible on a PDF file after exporting.
               Everything typed aside on Outline page won`t be saved.

To export back PDF files printed out on separate pages, please select Export to PDF  >  Export Page to PDF from the page menu. In this case everything you wrote on an Outline page will be saved.

You can disable Created in Outline mark or titles for Sections/Section Groups when
              exporting to PDF by using a corresponding setting.

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