How to restore a notebook closed in Outline

If you have accidentally closed the notebook in Outline, most of the times it is pretty easy to open it again.

Please note: if you close the local notebook in iPad Outline, it will be lost. Make sure you have the backups enabled when working with local notebooks on iPad.

   1. How to restore local notebooks closed in Outline

(Local notebook is the notebook initially created in Outline with " + " button > Create notebook .
You can also have the cloud synced notebooks. Such notebooks are located on the cloud storage and Outline opens their local copies. Cloud synced notebooks can always be opened from the cloud, even from another device.)
A local notebook is created on your device and stored in your Mac folders or your iPad Outline. You can check the location of your notebook by double-tapping the notebook's cover > Properties > Location on iPad:

Or by right-clicking on the notebook's cover > Properties > Location on Mac:

    a) How to restore your local notebook on Mac:
    - Search for the notebook location.

    Default option for newly created local notebook is Documents folder (Finder > Documents). In case the notebook was saved in another folder, please use the Search function to locate it on your Mac.
    - Open notebook in Outline:

    After finding the location of the notebook, click the "+" button > Open from Local, Dropbox or Box > open the notebook folder from the location where you have found it.

    b) How to restore your local notebook on iPad:
If you have accidentally closed the local notebook on iOS device, the only way to open it is to restore it from Backups. 
  1. How to restore a cloud storage notebook closed in Outline
Syncing notebook to a cloud storage means that the notebook is located in the cloud (iCloud, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, SharePoint, or WebDAV). In this case closing the notebook means that the it is removed from the list of Notebooks in Outline. It's original, however, stays in the cloud.  When you are going to close such notebook, please make sure all the changes are saved, i.e. the notebook's finished syncing.

    - Opening the cloud located notebook in Outline:
    1. Tap / click the "+" button at the top of the notebooks list;    2. Open from: iCloud / OneDrive / Box / Dropbox / SharePoint / WebDAV
You can move local notebooks to cloud storage to prevent the loss of information. Even if it gets accidentally deleted from such storage, it is possible to get it back. 

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