How to move local notebook to the cloud storage

To be comfortable with operating your notebooks in Mac Outline you need to know how the file system functions.

On Mac all the processes of moving the notebooks are about moving the actual folders.

For example, here is your first notebook - click "+" at the top of the notebooks list > Create New Notebook:

Let's say you save it in the Documents folder - select the local folder on your Mac where you want the notebook to be located > Select:

Then you can check the location; your new notebook will be there as general folder named the same way you named your notebook.  There are the section files inside - .one for OneNote format or .outdoc for Outline format; and the "notebook's cover" file - .onetoc2 or .outtoc. The .onetoc2 / .outtoc file contains all the information on the inner structure of your notebook.

To move the notebook to the cloud storage first install the storage app to have its folder on your Mac:

After installation in the Sidebar of your Finder there will be the folders of all the cloud services you plan to use:

Now to move your local notebook to the cloud just drag&drop the notebook's folder to the cloud folder you want. For iCloud make sure you've moved the notebook to iCloud Drive > Outline folder.

Wait till it sync and open the notebook again from the cloud to have this notebook in your Outline connected to the cloud storage.

You can additionally check the web client of your cloud storage to be sure the notebook was actually uploaded:

In case there are any questions on moving or syncing your Outline notebooks, feel free to contact us at

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