How to move notebooks from trial to App Store version

In case you decided to try our trial Mac version first and then switched to the App Store version and wonders about how you can move your notebooks, here is the instruction:

    1) How to move the cloud based notebooks

    If you tried to work with your cloud stored notebooks or moved the newly created ones to the cloud right away:
    • Log in your cloud storage account in your new App Store version of Outline: Outline > Preferences > Sync > OneDrive / WebDAV / SharePoint Server > enter your credentials;

    • Click "+" at the top of the notebooks list > Open from Box / Dropbox / iCloud / OneDrive / WebDAV / SharePoint Server;

    • For Box / Dropbox / iCloud choose the location of the notebook in your cloud storage folder on your Mac;

    • For OneDrive / WebDAV / SharePoint Server choose the notebook in the window appearing;

    • Start working with your notebooks.
    In case you don't see the latest edits in the cloud version of your notebook (opened from the cloud) you can check the local copies of such notebooks stored on your Mac:
    • Find the notebooks: Finder -> Go -> Go to folder -> /Users/username/Library/Outline/StorageOne;
    ("username" is to be changed to your Mac user name, the one you log in when turning on the computer, please note that you need to type it without spaces between the words).

    • Open them by drag&drop into your App Store Outline;

    • Move them to the cloud again to get them synced - How to move local notebooks to cloud storage.
    2) How to move the local notebooks

    In case you decided to start first with the local notebooks and wonders how to reach them once trial version has expired, don't worry - all the local notebooks are located in your Mac folders. You will be able to find them and continue your work:
    • If you remember the folder where you saved your local notebook to, you can easily open it again: click "+" at the top of the notebooks list > Open from local, Dropbox or Box and navigate to the folder with your notebook;


    • In case you don't remember where exactly you saved your notebook, use Mac Search to locate the notebook, get its location and open the notebook with "+" at the top of the notebooks list > Open from local, Dropbox or Box and navigate to the folder with your notebook.

Please write to if facing any difficulties with moving your notebooks from trial to the App Store version.
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