Export & Import via iTunes on iPhone

Transferring your notebooks to Mac or PC and back via iTunes is a fast and very secure method.

Export Notebooks

    1. Connect your iPhone to Mac or PC with the cable.

    2. In Outline tap Edit at the top of notebooks list, then tap ⚙ icon near the notebook you
        want to edit and choose in the appeared popover menu Export  >  iTunes;

    3. Press Start;

    4. Now on your Mac or PC run iTunes and navigate to your iPhone  >  Apps  >  File
 (scroll all the way down the page) and find Outline;

    5. The notebook you just exported will be there. Select Save To… to save it on your Mac or
        PC and open it with either Outline or OneNote.

Import Notebook 

Launch iTunes on your Mac or PC and:

1.  Click on your iPhone;
2.  Select Apps;

3.  Scroll down to File Sharing and find Outline in the Apps list;

4. Now click Add…  and select .zip, .one or .onepkg files to upload on the iPhone. 

Your files will appear in Documents list, it means they are added to shared documents.

In Outline for iPhone tap the icon at the bottom of notebooks screen, choose iTunes and select notebook you would like to open.

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