How to Transfer Notes Using iTunes

 To transfer your notebook from Outline for iOS to your Mac / PC using iTunes, please do the following:


1.  Export your notebook from Outline to iTunes. You need to double-tap your notebook's cover > Export > Export to iTunes. Your iPad must be connected to your PC with iTunes installed. 

2. On your Mac / PC run iTunes, select your iOS device and go to Apps > scroll the page down to get to File Sharing > click Outline icon to get Outline Documents active >click your notebook and Save to... 


If you want to move the notebook from Mac / PC to iOS Outline, compress the notebook folder and upload it to Outline Documents in iTunes with Add... button.
Then connect your Mac / PC to your iOS device with a wire and run Outline.
In Outline tap the + icon > Open from iTunes. Select your file and enjoy new functionality.



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