Images and Photos on Mac

Outline offers different options for adding pictures to your page.

Take Photo

First, please make sure your camera works well. Then click + on the toolbar at the top of Outline window and choose Take Photo. It will be added to the page automatically.

Add Picture

Want to insert an image you already have on your Mac? Click Add Picture and browse for it in your files. You can also drag&drop it from Finder.

There are two ways of handling images:

         - You can either insert it into an existing outline as an illustration to your note. In this case
           the image becomes a part of an outline and cannot be edited, just re-sized;

         - OR you add an image right onto a page and are free to move, re-size and annotate it.

For annotation tap an image and select Set as Background from the context menu.

Insert screenshot

Press ⇧ + CTRL + ⌘ + 4 to take a screenshot and ⌘ + V to add it to Outline page. You can add capture to your page as well. Right-click on the page where you would like to place it and choose Capture Selection from Screen.

Re-size image

To change the size of an image, please click on it and drag holding one of the markers. You can also use Restore Original Size or Fit Size options from the context menu after right-clicking on image.​

Move image

If you need to locate an image somewhere else on a page, just drag and drop it where you want to.

To move the picture inserted to your text outline use right-click to Cut and Paste it to another place on a page or keyboard shortcuts ⌘+X and ⌘+V.

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