Links on Mac

Access primary sources of notes you compiled from the Web or made within a notebook.

External Links

If you are going to add some information from e.g.
a web site and would like to be able to get to this site from Outline page, make a hyperlink:

  • Copy URL from the web site you want to be able to get to directly from Outline and hit Space button to make it active;

  • Link an URL to a certain word in your note – select it, then left-click the Link icon on the toolbar and paste URL into the corresponding field. Press Open – the site will open in Safari and will be linked to this word. 

Internal Links

Want to make links to pages within the app? Go ahead! Right-click on
page title on the right and select Copy Link to this Page. Paste it wherever you want in a notebook to get a quick access to the page.

You can also make links between notebooks, sections and section groups. Right click on section, section group or notebook's name in the navigation tree and choose a corresponding option.


Save your time creating wiki links to pages within one section. The process goes fast and simply:

  1. Just enclose a word or a phrase into double square brackets;

  1. Page with this title will be added automatically to the section.

Table of Contents

If your notebook contains many pages, section or section groups, like an academic paper, book or a big report you can insert TOC to easily organize and navigate your notes. Just tap the + button and choose Insert Table of Contents. Then set the desired structure of TOC, tap Done and it will be automatically generated. You can also insert TOC using the menu bar at the top of your Mac's display.

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