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Is it possible to just stay on Outline version 3?

Yes, it’s possible. You can continue to use Outline v3, however, we are no longer supporting this version and the app may also become unavailable during OS upgrades or updates by Apple. 

If you purchased the app through the App Store, then you need to turn off the automatic app update, otherwise after June 1st you will get the free version.

What happens if I switch from Pro to Basic tier?

If the user decides to cancel their subscription, the app will revert to the basic version. Previously protected sections will remain protected without access to them (you will be able to remove the password and then open it), used font styles will not revert to defaults (the new notes will have everything by default). However, syncing with third-party services will be broken as it requires an active subscription.

I bought a license v3. What happens to that?

It depends on when you purchased the license. If it was done before June 1, 2022, you will not be able to use it in Outline v4. To use the new version - you need to buy a subscription in the Outline Store (Pro tier only), or download the application in the App Store - there will be 3 types of subscriptions, including the free plan.

If after June 1, 2022, it can be used in Outline v4 to get an additional trial period of up to a year (counted from the date of license purchase). After the trial period expires, the app will become unavailable without a new subscription.

On this page you can find out more about subscription tiers.

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