Is Outline cloud based?

The notebooks in Outline can be stored both locally and/or in the cloud (iCloud, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, SharePoint, WebDAV or even your own).

What operating systems does the application run on?

Outline runs on the two latest versions, Ventura and Sonoma.

However, when you go to the App Store, you will have the latest version available for your OS. And also you can check which version you can download from our website here.

How to delete all the Outline backups from iCloud?

Mac: Go to Outline > Settings > Backup > Show Backup Files > select the backed up sections > Delete. 

iOS: Go to System Settings > iCloud > Manage Account Storage > Outline > .Backups > select device > select notebook > swipe to the left the section to delete.

How are the attachments stored in Outline? 

Attachments are embedded into sections (.one files). They can be reached only from inside the app.

Does Outline share the same notebook file format as Microsoft OneNote?

Yes, of course. That's one of the main features of Outline.

Can the same notebooks be opened by Outline on a Mac and OneNote on Windows?

Yes, they can.

How to open .one files in Outline?

Single .one files may be opened via Finder in Outline. They appear like separate sections in the Inbox system notebook from which they can be moved to other notebooks.

How can I get deleted data?

You can easily get all necessary data from your backups if this feature was enabled.

Please go to Outline > Settings > Backup > Show Backup Files > choose necessary section > Restore.

Data recovery is only done section by section, not entire notebooks.

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