Cannot find my Outline license

There are two ways to get Outline to your device:

1. Purchase it through AppStore

In that case you will have Outline in your purchase history and you will be able to re-install it when you need to. Just make sure to use the same AppleID.

2. Purchase it through our online store

In that case you will receive a confirmation letter that contains a link to your license. This link is valid for a month. After that it needs to be refreshed in order to be active again. If you wish to reinstall the app, please find the confirmation letter for your purchase from Outline Customer Support.

In case the link there is no longer valid, contact us at, provide your order number (starts with GOR...) or e-mail and name that were used for the purchase.

We will reactivate the link and you will be able to download the license again.

You can find the instruction on activating the license here.

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