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Is Outline cloud based?

No, the notebooks in Outline can be stored locally - both on Mac and iPad.
However if you need to sync the notes, Outline also supports most of the popular clouds - iCloud, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint, WebDAV.


How to open your notebook?

On Mac:

- For local notebooks and notebooks stored in Dropbox or Box folders: "+" > Open from Local, Dropbox or Box > navigate to your notebook's folder in your Mac system > select the folder > Open;

If you dpo not remember, where your notebook is, search for it's name  in Finder first.

- For OneDrive notebooks: "+" > Open from OneDrive > Log in your account > choose your notebook;

- For iCloud notebooks: "+" > Open from iCloud > navigate to your iCloud folder > Outline folder > select your notebook's folder > Open.

On iPad/iPhone:

- "+" > Open from > your cloud storage > Link your cloud storage account if needed > select your notebook > Done.


How to sync and share your notes?

Every cloud storage has their own sharing options. Visit website of a storage you are willing to use to find out possible ways to share your notes with other users.
Learn more about Outline's syncing options here

Share with PDF export:

Right-click / double-tap the section or the notebook's cover to export a section or the whole notebook 
to PDF

How can I fix the iCloud sync?

You can check whether your Outline folder on iCloud Drive is named properly:

Go to Finder > iCloud Drive > check whether you have your notebooks stored in the folder named "Outline".
You can do the same logging in to your iCloud account at
If you have the notebooks stored in the folder with the different name, rename it changing the title to "Outline".
You might need to reopen the notebooks from iCloud again to repair the connection.

If the above instruction didn't help, don't hesitate to contact us directly at 


How to open iPad backup in Mac Outline?

- In Mac Outline go to Outline menu > Preferences > Backup > Show backup files.

You can use Mac trial version in case there is no activated Mac Outline on your device. 

Learn more about backups in this article

How to insert the pictures to Mac Outline?

You can drag&drop the pictures to Outline to get them inserted as pictures.

Or you can add them with "+" in the toolbar > Add picture or Add attachment.


How to install Mac Outline purchased from Online Store?

Go to > download the trial Standalone Outline clicking on "Try now".

Activate the trial version using the license you purchased from Outline Online Store. After confirming the purchase the license file is to be sent to the email you indicated.

How to activate license for Outline

If you haven't received the email with your license, please write to


How to open the directory path in Mac Outline?

Paste the path to your folder on Mac > select the line > right-click on selection > Services > Reveal in Finder.


How to delete all the Outline backups from iCloud?

On Mac:

- Go to Outline menu > Preferences > Backup > Show backup files > select the backed up sections you want to delete > Delete.

On iPad: 

- Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage > Outline > Backups > select device > select notebook > select sections to delete > Edit and delete.


How are the attachments stored in Outline?

Attachments are stored inside the sections, the attachment files can be reached only from inside the notebook.

How to import PDFs to iPad Outline?

Open PDF on your iPad > tap the Share sign > choose Import with Outline.
Outline will be opened automatically, the PDF will appear in the INBOX window.
Drag the PDF to the page where you want to attach it > select to paste it as attachment / printout.


How to delete or edit the PDF / attachment from the page in iPad Outline?

- Double-tap the picture > Set apart from Background > tap the picture > Delete or edit

How to export to PDF with all the annotations saved together with initial PDF?

In Mac or iPad version:

- Right-click / double-tap on the notebook's cover or section > Export to PDF


How to export your notebook sections to the text format?

If you need to have your notes in a text format, you can use Export to PDF option in Outline (both Mac or iPad versions):

    - Double-tap / double-click on the section in the sections list > Export to PDF.

In case you want to have the editable text of your notes outside Outline here are several workarounds:

    1) Copy / paste the page text manually;
    2) Export your section to PDF in Outline and extract the text using PDF edit programs (Adobe Acrobat DC or others);
    3) Export your OneDrive located notebook sections to .doc / .docx formats using PC OneNote.
Feel free to write to SUGGEST A FEATURE topic or to stating your interest in text import feature. We analyze all the votes; based on the number of requests the feature can be added to enable text export from Outline directly.

How to make the notebooks list disappear in iPad Outline?

To have more space for note taking in your Outline try the Hide notebook tree mode and Full page mode:

- To hide the notebook tree in iPad Outline tap the lines sign first in the row of signs at the top of your sections list;

- To switch to the full page mode tap the arrows sign in the upper right corner of the page.

How to type math symbols in iPad Outline?

There are numerous third-party apps enabling math symbols insert to any note-taking app.
Purchase such symbols app > turn it on in the keyboard settings of your iPad > type the symbols in Outline using this symbols keyboard.


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