Open Local OneNote Notebooks on Mac

You can easily open a OneNote notebook locally on your Mac using Outline, which supports the same file format and is perfect for this purpose. There are two basic ways to do this:

  • By exporting 📂

Please follow these instructions to open your notebook as a result of an export.

  • From cache folder 🤌
  1. Open your notebook in Outline for Mac and wait while it fully syncs.

  1. Go to Finder and press CMD + Shift + G. Enter "~/Library" in the search scope and press enter.

  1. Then, search for "StorageOne" and select "Library".

  1. Open the "StorageOne" folder and find the directory named as your notebook. Copy it and paste to a new location of your choice, such as the desktop.

  1. Close the current notebook in Outline, as you cannot have two notebooks with the same name open at a time.

  1. Open the copied notebook from the new location by dragging and dropping it into Outline or using the "Open from Local" button.

Your notebook is now a folder, so you can move it to the other file cloud based storages (iCloud, Box, Dropbox). If you change the notebook location, you should reopen it from the new one.

Please do not change or modify files in StorageOne. Making a copy of a notebook from the cache folder is safe enough.

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