Outline Widget on iPhone

When on the run, use Outline widget to write down what's on your mind.

Add Outline widget

Swipe left to get to the first screen of your iPhone. Scroll down to get to the Edit button > tap it.
Find Outline in the list of apps > tap + to add the widget > Done.

Add a Widget Note

If you need to type something, tap Note. You'll be redirected straight to Outline page.
Don't waste your time: enter the quick note.

    NOTE: The note will be added to the Inbox  notebook.
              Later on you'll be able move the page or text itself to any other notebook in your iPhone

    TIP: To move the text, tap the outline header > Cut / Copy.
            To move the part of the text, tap it > move selection markers > tap the selected notes >
            Cut / Copy.
            To move the page, tap i icon at the right side of the page > Cut / Copy > go to the
            page in another notebook > tap i icon > Paste.

Add a Widget Checklist

If you already know that you need to compose a new checkbox, choose a corresponding option right away.

You'll be redirected to Inbox new page.
Move the list or the page itself when you have time.

Make a photo and save it to your note

If there is something you need to take a photo of, go ahead: make a quick photo to save it next to your note.

Tap Photo in Outline widget, you'll be offered to make a photo and the image will be saved in Inbox new page.

Move an image or the page itself when you have time.

Reach the list of your favourite pages

Tap the Starred option in Outline widget to quickly get to the list of your favourite pages.

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