Standalone Outline for Mac with iCloud sync support

Good news!

Standalone Outline for Mac now supports iCloud sync.


Starting from 3.14.1 version Standalone Mac Outline can be used the very same way as App Store Mac Outline.

Standalone Outline for Mac is the version downloaded from our website and activated with the license purchased from our Outline Online Store.

Feel free to move your notebooks to your iCloud Drive and sync the notes with Apple native cloud.

There is no need to additionally sign in your iCloud Drive account as Outline automatically connects to the account used on your device. Move the notebook to Outline's folder in iCloud through Finder and open in on your devices with "+" icon > Open from iCloud.

To get more information on how to sync local notebooks in Outline for Mac, please take a look at the article: How to move local notebooks to the cloud storage


If there are still any questions, feel free to write to us at

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