Finding Notes on iPhone

Outline is equipped with a fast and convenient search engine tool.

Tap the Magnifying glass icon at the top of the page list screen and type a word.

Search in Outline:

    • Type a word and select one of the pages from the current section.
    • If there are no pages corresponding to your search request in the section, scroll to the end of the page and choose Search in Entire Notebook.

    • If still nothing,  choose Search in All Notebooks to check all the pages in the app.  

Spotlight Search

To access the Spotlight interface, swipe right on the Home screen to open the search panel and then search for content you want to find. Required word or phrase can be on a page, in a section name, name of attachment, picture or PDF printout. Tap on one of the suggested results and you will be taken directly into Outline app.

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