Send to Outline on iPhone

Send web pages from Safari or images from corresponding apps to Outline with the help of Apple extensions.

You can send the content from another apps to Outline using Apple extensions.

When you are browsing through the web and finally find something you would like to save in your Outline notes, tap the export icon and choose Outline from the set of offered apps. 

Web page will be sent to Outline's Inbox notebook, after that you can annotate it and export to PDF or send it via e-mail.

    NOTE: Web pages sent directly from Safari with Share icons will be inserted in
               Outline as text pieces with pictures. Some of the web page formatting can be lost.
               Select the text to get the options pop-up appearing and delete the pieces you don't
               want to have on your page.
Pictures can be sent to Outline from other apps that support extensions. 
E .g. open Photos and choose a picture you would like to add to your Outline note, tap export icon and select Outline just like you did on the web page. It is especially convenient when you are simply looking through your photos and decide to save some of them to Outline as well.

Copy Images from Web

In Safari long-tap the image you want to insert to your Outline notes > Copy.

Then in Outline tap the free space on a page where you want to insert this image > tap again to get the edit options > Paste.

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