Taking Notes on iPhone

Note-taking process in Outline is as simple and intuitive as in your old paper notebook.

Add New Note

Tap anywhere on a page and start typing when cursor appears. 

See your note being outlined on a page.

    TIP: You can continue editing the current outline or start a new one - to be able to move the
            pieces of text separately. 

Edit Note
Tap on a note to select it and tap again to open keyboard. 

In iOS 9, you can also edit text by simultaneously placing two fingers on the screen and moving them to direct the cursor to the place where you want to make edits.

Selecting Text
Tap on a note to make outline appear, then tap its header to select text. 
Drag blue markers to modify the selection. 

In iOS 9, long tap with two fingers and the word within which the cursor is placed will be selected. After selection appeared, move cursor along the text if you want to select more.

    Double tap on a page to get the page settings pop-up window. 
    Choose Select all to move or delete all the objects on a page.
    To move the content to another page use cut-n-paste.
Move Note
Tap on a note to select it and drag it by the header to a place you want it to be located.

Delete Note
Tap on a note to select it, then tap on its header and choose Delete. Another way to delete a note is to erase all content in this outline.

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